Lip balm by Jaycee’s Collection

Jaycee’s Collection is inspired by and for the owner of Five11 Cosmetics/Fashion daughter Jaycee Isabella!

Are you tired of your little one playing in your makeup? If so our kid friendly lip balms are a perfect choice. Made with all natural and kid safe ingredients our flavored lip balms are a must have!

Handcrafted with love and care for your little princess or prince!

  • Ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, candellila wax, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, flavor oil,  hemp oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and aloe vera
  • NO sweeteners added, No artificial colors, No preservatives, No parabens, just pure natural goodness.
  • Perfect for gift bags or party bag fillers
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