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My name is Jah. I am a independent stylist, personal shopper, custom designer, cosmetic developer, and owner of Five11 Fashion, Five 11 Cosmetics and Jaycee’s Collection(inspired by my daughter Jaycee Isabella). Providing exceptional customer service is one of our main goals, along with quality products at an affordable price. Five11 Fashion(founded in 2010), Five 11 Cosmetics( founded in 2012) and Jaycee’s Collection( founded in 2013) have products that are sure to turn heads. These products are accessories, clothing for women, men, and children, custom designed shoes, Makeup brushes, lipstick, lip-gloss, mink lashes, horse fur lashes, synthetic lashes, facial and body scrubs, moisturizer for face and body, lip scrub, lip balm, blush and eye shadow. We handcraft most of our cosmetic products, they are very high pigmented and not animal tested. All of our products are made with love, using all natural ingredients and are cruelty free.



Jarrece “Jah” Patrick

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